We finally have our hands on a car where we’re able to do everything that we offer! We have the opportunity to do a full makeover from the ground up with a little Hella Wet Dips touch. This 2015 BMW M6 is going to have a total makeover down to the smallest detail! Check out how the car came into us before we got our hands on it!

Our client Kirt decided he wanted to wrap not only the outside but also the inside of the door jambs! The color we went with is called a Satin dark grey from 3M. We figured if he wanted to do it right, we change up the color of the wheels using a process called powder coating. The strongest and longest lasting form of color change. The brakes were originally blue and looked nice, however we wanted something bright so it would pop. So we went with a specific yellow! Next is Window tint and is a must for the Houston sun, so we went with DUB IR window tint that has nano-ceramic material to block not only UV rays but also reflect and absorb the heat. Lastly, we made an executive decision and blacked out all the chrome and also switched out all the black and bmw badges with some dark colored carbon fiber!

Check out the pictures and see the process!

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