Powder Coating

Powder Coating Some fresh powder never looked so nice! Powder Coating Want to change up the color of your wheels temporary or permanently? We have you covered. From plasti-dip, to vinyl wrap or powder coat, we’ll have you covered. RESTORING CAR PARTS Bring back car parts to life or change the colors for an awesome…

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Vehicle Customization

Vehicle Customization Your wish is our command! Vehicle Customization Let us know how we can bring your ideas to life! VEHICLE CUSTOMIZATION CUSTOM REQUEST DEBADGING LET’S START TALKING ABOUT YOUR PROJECT

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Interior Vehicle Wraps

With most vehicles equipped with some type of trim surrounding your interior. You can change it up the look with a little interior vinyl wrap. Weather it’s a different color or a different type of textured vinyl, we can make sure to give your interior that custom look you’re looking for.

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Chrome Delete

It was a pleasure to work with such an amazing matching! Hard to make it look Any better then it is,

Chrome Delete sometimes it’s just better to wrap it Gloss black! Chrome Delete Sometimes chrome goes well with cars and sometimes it’s just better to wrap it Gloss black! The best way to take care of that would be to wrap it and give it that elegant look! from the window trim to the emblems,…

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Striping No, stripes do not add horsepower, but sure do look sportier! Striping Love the look of your car but you want to add a little flair to it? Adding stripes can change the appearance of your car and give it that sportier look! Related Services Roof WrapsRead MoreCommercial WrappingRead MoreStripingRead MoreChrome DeleteRead MoreInterior Vehicle…

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Roof Wraps

Roof Wraps No, we do not paint them while on the rotors. Roof Wraps Roof wraps are one of our most popular services! Some options that come with certain vehicles have a glass top and gives it that sleek appearance. We can’t make your roof all glass but the next best thing is to wrap…

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Brake Caliper Painting

Brake Caliper Painting No, we do not paint them while on the rotors. Brake Caliper Painting Paint your calipers they said….  Custom colors and custom decals available! High temp paint. First set I did 4 years ago still look fresh! The primer we use is high temp 550° We did a Camaro 3 years ago…

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Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps by

Vehicle Wraps Don’t let just anyone wrap your car! High quality guaranteed! Vehicle Wraps From roof wraps, paint calipers, window tint, full wraps, details. We do it all It’s a craft I’ve been honing in on for quite some time now. Everyone has their methods, I just prefer it a certain way because my names…

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Window Tinting

Come on by for  #tintuesdays to get your window tint! Yes we even work on mini vans!

Window Tinting Have you tried tinting your windshield? Window Tinting With the heat and harsh UV rays in Houston Texas, It is crucial to protect you and your vehicle. We offer a high end Luxury window tint with Lifetime warranty on all of our film we use, and our Install. RELATED SERVICES LUXURY WINDOW TINTING…

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